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 G.Debesio company "Ratai visiems"

  • Tire mounting wheel diameter from 4 to 52 inch.
  • Tire balansing, wheel diameter from  10 to 22,5 inch
  • Motorcycle tires mounting and balancing
  • Rim repair Diameter from 10 to 22 inch
  • Rim polishing
  • Filling tires with nitrogen gas
  • Tires and tubes reipair, vulcanization, regrooving 
  • Windscreen wipers, light bulbs and batteries.
  • We take orders for rare tire sizes
  • Tire utilization
  • Tire storage







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    The advantages of filling tyres with nitrogen

    ·      Constant tyre pressure

    ·      Lower resistance

    ·      Lower tyre wear

    ·      Lower fuel consumption due to constant tyre pressure

    ·      Higher efficiency

    ·      More comfortable driving

    ·      Lower likelihood of accidents

    ·      Environmentally friendly

    For your safety Ratai visiems offers you a novelty in the field of security which has been developed using F1 and aircraft technologies.

    Typically, a tyre filled with compressed air can flatten, because the rubber is air-permeable.

    The filling of a tyre remains constant due to a different molecular structure of the nitrogen.

    Ratai visiems tyres are being filled with nitrogen using the newest and the most advanced equipment. When filling the tires with nitrogen the benefits obtained are based on the laws of Economics, security and Physics.

    We would like to draw the attention of drivers to the fact that Ratai visiems, unlike most of those advertising, fully fills tyres with nitrogen, i.e., before filling a tyre with nitrogen the air is pumped out of it completely and 99.9 % of the tyre volume is filled with nitrogen. While most of other companies pump up a tyre with nitrogen without pumping the air out of it, i.e., a mixture of air and nitrogen is formed inside the tyre and because of that a lot of advantages, that arise if the tyre is properly filled only with nitrogen, are lost.

    A lifespan of tyres, which are filled only with nitrogen, is longer, because, due to a larger molecular structure of nitrogen, when driving at various intensities, the tyre pressure changes less. The permeability of nitrogen is much – even 35% – lower than the permeability of the air. Therefore, when tyres are pumped up with nitrogen, a tyre loses pressure slower, and nitrogen does not affect materials, which make up a tyre, as much as it does oxygen in the air. Nitrogen does not heat up so fast. Thus, it in some measure cools a tyre, and has a positive impact on its longevity. The air is always taken from the environment and it always contains water vapor and oxygen, which penetrate into materials that make up a tyre and cause oxidation of the rubber and corrosion of the metallic cord. Whereas nitrogen is supplied from a steel tank, so it does not contain moisture. And even if the water vapor appears in the tank with nitrogen, the oxidation and corrosion will not take place, because there is no oxygen. The possibility of tyre inflammation is reduced to minimum. Filling tyres with nitrogen prevents the possibility of inflammation, which can occur when the oxygen and oil vapor inside a tyre form a dangerous mix that, if the brake disk overheats the frame, can cause combustion.

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